Creating an attractive website is only half the battle — your customers also have to find it. Our job is to know what your potential clients are searching for and optimize your website to meet those needs. When a web user is looking for pest control services in your target market, our goal is for your site to be one of the first results they see.

The process we use to achieve that goal is called search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO, when properly executed, can yield results like page one Google rankings, ultimately paying off in increased leads and significant ROI. Whether we’re building your site from the ground up or optimizing an existing site, PestCoWeb doesn’t just look to increase your web traffic — we look to increase the value of the traffic you receive. Contact PestCoWeb today for a free evaluation.

Choosing the right SEO company

PestCoWeb’s experience working with some of the top names in the pest control industry has given us insight into important keywords and tactics. Our SEO professionals are confident that we can help you achieve a higher volume of qualified traffic because we’ve done it before. And our commitment to only ethical, white-hat SEO strategies means you’ll never have to worry about your site getting penalized, a common risk with black-hat SEO marketing companies.

The SEO process

At PestCoWeb, the SEO process begins with extensive keyword research and analysis of the competition. We know that SEO is a wasted investment if the right keywords aren’t targeted, so we use live internet data to pinpoint phrases that your potential customers are using when searching for a pest control company.

After targeted keyword analysis, we’ll use our research to strategically optimize your website. Optimization includes keyword-rich content, meta-data, URLs and links, as well as compliant programming code to make your pest control website more visible to search engines.

The importance of a long-term approach to SEO

Effective SEO requires a long-term strategy, continuing after we’ve launched your site and adapting with new search engine ranking methods. PestCoWeb is with you for the long-haul — we offer ongoing monthly SEO services customized to your needs and goals. Our SEO professionals will help you maintain your rankings and improve them wherever possible.

Measurable results

Even the best SEO strategy means little if you can’t measure its results. At PestCoWeb, our SEO process includes the implementation of a web analytics platform, as well as detailed monthly reporting, so we can measure and improve upon your search engine rankings and conversions. This powerful data includes graphs displaying the number of website visitors, the keywords that brought visitors to your site, the search engine or directory where a visitor found your site, month-to-month performance comparisons and more.